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Historical timeline of the development of Ocean Shores …
Ocean Shores is a coastal town in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. Established in 1969, Ocean Shores was originally a land holding owned by Wendell West of Washington with backing from American singer Pat Boone, and was named after Boone’s residence in Ocean Shores, Washington. It is located in the Brunswick Valley – a valley including the town of Mullumbimby and the villages of Brunswick Heads & Billinudgel. The town has a local shopping complex and a large golf course. At the 2011 census, Ocean Shores had a population of 4,870 people.

The greater Ocean Shores area includes Billinudgel, New Brighton, South Golden Beach, Fern Beach, The Pocket & Yelgun. Billinudgel History courtesy of Susan Devine, Billinudgel Hotel & Frank Mills.

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Early photos of the river & farming region that was developed into Ocean Shores Estate
circa 1880 onwards … courtesy Susan Devine, Frank Mills.

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Early photos of New Brighton before the development of Ocean Shores circa 1960.
Early photos courtesy of Judy Anning.

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A snapshot of the early stages of the development of the Ocean Shores Estate
circa 1960′s… courtesy Judy Anning.

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The Roundhouse was built as the Sales Office in 1969
Photos courtesy of Judy Anning & Frank Mills

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A snapshot of the development of the Ocean Shores Estate
circa 1970′s… courtesy Reg Burns.

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The Ocean Shores Country Club was opened in 1972…
Photos Courtesy of Judy Anning

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Stage 2 of Ocean Shores
Photos courtesy of Frank Mills, Judy Anning & Reg Burns

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Ocean Shores Public School 1993
Photos courtesy of Ocean Shores Public School

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Celebration Event for Ocean Shores 40 years … November 22, 2009
courtesy Mark Russell.

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Hainsville Memorial Plaque
Historical information & photos courtesy Frank Mills, location photos Mark Russell

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50 year Celebration Project
Proposed location sites for the historical trail commencing at the Hainsville plaque at the entrance to Ocean Shores.

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Greater Ocean Shores Online Historical Trail
(Photos supplied by Frank Mills, Jan & Jim Mangleson, Judy Anning, Veronica O’Dwyer, Reg Burns, Mark Russell & Billinudgel Hotel)
Snapshot Gallery (All photos)
The Timeline of Events
Billinudgel Village (circa 1881)
The Early Days (circa 1900)
New Brighton Village (from 1960)
The Ocean Shores Development (late 1960′s)
The  Oceans Shores Estate (throughout the 1970′s)
The Ocean Shores Country Club & Course was constructed (1972)
The Ocean Shores Shopping Centre was opened (1983)
Ocean Shores North – Stage 2
Future Plans (Celebrate 50 years)

TodayOcean Shores Township