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Sonrise 2000 Event


Prayer for Australia
Grant, we pray, O Lord of God, that as the Cross shines in our southern skies, so may Christ bring light to our nation, to its people old and new, and by saving grace, transform our lives. – taken from The Living Spirit Bulletin January 2012.
The Combined Christian Churches of the Brunswick Valley took part in the Australia-wide Prayer Wave. The Prayer Wave service commenced at dawn on the beach at Brunswick Heads on New Years Day 2000. As the sun rose the prayer wave and prayer services moved from Brunswick Heads, New South Wales to Perth, Western Australia based on the scripture passage…
2 Chronicles 7: 14 – 16. 14 If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15 Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. 16 I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that my Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there.The North Coast Christian Media Council under the leadership of Terry Allen (Coffs Harbour) promoted the event with the theme song written and sung by Evangelist Singer Darin Browne from the Bill Newman International Ministry.
Sonrise Prayer Wave Reflection Poem…
by Allan Gibson – Brunswick Heads
T’was on day one 2000, the sky was black & grey
At Brunswick’s south wall people met, upon the beach to pray.
For someone had a vision, & a movement had begun
To claim this day for Jesus, to glorify God’s Son.
Then rather unexpectantly, God played His own part too
For the black clouds suddenly disappeared, & the sky
was changed to blue.
It was raining at Mullum & Byron Bay, & up at Fingal Head
As we all prayed on dry ground in a great big watershed.
As people looked across the sea, before their very eyes
The sun came out behind the clouds, & excitement filled the skies.
This was part of a prayer wave, that was held Australia wide
From Townsville in the northern states, to Perth on the western side.
The west might see the sunrise last, but it’s laughing every time
‘Cause it also saw the last sunset, the last day of Ninety Nine.
Later we celebrated in the ” Big Tent ” near the beach
With dance & song & speakers , as we continued the Outreach.
Then suddenly we had a call , like a bolt out of the blue
From a group on Koscuisko who had joined the prayer wave too.
At the Sonrise family service, it was just so great to see
People give their lives to Jesus Christ in this new century.
For we live in a nation where God’s Law’s been defiled
There’s more urgency than ever, for lives to be reconciled.
And so Sonrise 2000, was born, ’cause some folk care
For the sinful suffering people in this nation everywhere.
It’s taken nine months of planning, to organise the team
You’ve had much more than vision, YOU”VE REALISED THE DREAM.
Through faith & prayer & action, you have sown the seed
And tackled SATAN head on, to meet this nation’s need.
And many were excited by the special atmosphere
Let’s pursue the goal with passion, throughout the coming year.
For God will reap the harvest if we do play our part
Let’s work for unity & strength right from the very start.
Prayer of Christian Unity for Australia …
Almighty and eternal God,
You keep together those you have united,
Look kindly on all Australians,
We are all consecrated to you by our common baptism;
Make us one in the fullness of faith
And keep us one in the fellowship of love.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
One God, for ever and ever. Amen
Reading from the Letters of St Paul to the Ephesians
“If we live by the truth and in love, we shall grow in all ways into Christ, who is the head – by whom the whole body is fitted and joined together, every joint adding its own strength, for each separate part to work according to its function. So the body grows until it has built itself up, in love.” Ephesians 4:16
Song of Unity for Australia
Words & Music by Darin Browne
Music Evangelist Darin Browne
Beneath the Southern Cross
1. Underneath a southern sky lies a land of rugged beauty.
It’s our country, it’s our home, this is Australia.
In the drought, or flooding rains,
As the seasons roll and change,
This is the lucky country. Set beneath the Southern Cross.

2. We know how to give our best. We’ve known hardship & rejection.
In our past, there’s always gain, that’s mixed with loss.
In our hopes and in our pain, we will lift our eyes again.
To see our destiny revealed beneath the Southern Cross.

So together we will stand, Arm in arm and hand in hand.
We will join our hearts to pray for Australia.
For in the Cross we will see we have our destiny.
So let’s stand for the nation that we love.
And look to Him, as we look to the Southern Cross.

3. They used to call us lucky but now the luck’s run dry.
‘Cause we’ve got broken hearts and homes, hear the battered children cry,
All our leaders need to see that to guide this great country,
They must turn to Him who died upon a rugged cross.

CHORUS Bridge : The Cross that lies above us, is a symbol in our skies,
It’s serving to remind us of Jesus Crucified.
For the love that held Him to the Cross is poured upon this land.
We must turn to Him, He holds our destiny in His hands.

So together we will stand, Arm in arm and hand in hand.
We will join our hearts to pray for Australia.
For in the Cross we will see we have our destiny.
So let’s stand for the nation that we love.
And look to Him, as we look to the Southern Cross.