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Community Booklet


Background to … Gateway Booklet to our Community.
Taken from Aussie Gateways… Gateway to our Heritage Booklet by Lisa Russell 2007

The upgrade of the Yelgun to Brunswick Heads section of the Pacific Highway, like the construction of the Lismore to Murwillumbah railway line in the 1890s and the major Pacific Highway upgrade in the 1930s, has the potential to greatly enhance opportunities for commercial and social development throughout the Brunswick Valley.

The Brunswick Valley community continues to develop and adapt to a changing world. This publication highlights some of the important events that have shaped the unique community which we enjoy today, and celebrates the significant role of transport and communication infrastructure in the past and future prosperity of the Brunswick Valley.

Through this publication we hope to enable both local residents and visitors to better understand and appreciate the history and character of the Valley while enjoying the natural features and other unique attractions of the area.

This publication also aims to increase awareness of the Brunswick Valley and attract visitors to the area. The beautiful beaches, superb restaurants, extensive parklands and wide variety of goods and services, make the Brunswick Valley an excellent choice for shopping, relaxing day trips, short breaks and extended holidays. Come and experience the Brunswick Valley. You won’t be disappointed!

The Brunswick Valley is rich in Australian culture and tradition. From the early days when Aboriginal people from the Minyungbal language group resided at New Brighton and Ocean Shores, the Brunswick Valley has evolved through various stages of development.

The first European settlers were cedar-getters, later boat-building became a major industry and the passing of time saw sugar cane, maize, pasture crops and banana plantations emerge from the landscape.

The early pioneers of the Brunswick Valley were hard-working and industrious. They used their ingenuity to solve problems and carve a living out of the resources available in the area.

As times rapidly change and lifestyles adapt to new technologies, this publication takes a step back in time to recognise where our heritage lies and acknowledge the valuable contribution made to the Brunswick Valley by its former inhabitants.

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