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Campaign Specifications


All Brunswick Valley businesses are invited to be part of the ‘Play, Shop and Taste the Delights’ cooperative media campaign for the Brunswick Valley…
Sponsorship Packages are now available for the 2015-2016 Campaign.

Sponsorship packages form the cooperative budget for multi-faceted media promotions for the Brunswick Valley. Businesses gain media exposure based on their specific sponsorship level.
Components of the Media Campaign include …
Media Resource
Type / Exposure  Sample
1. BV Main Website
Online (45 000+) click here
2. BV Business Network Website
Online (10 000+) click here
3. BV Town Video Promos Online (10 000+) click here
4. Exposure on BV Facebook Online (Unlimited) click here
5. Campaign QR Code Posters Offline (500) Sample Poster
6. “Special Deals” Card Promotion  Offline (5 000) click here
7. Cover of BV Booklet  Offline (10 000)
click here
8. BV Self Drive Brochure
Offline (5 000) Sample Cover
Sample Centre
 Cooperative BV Marketing Campaign
BV Promotion Exposure
Online Web Promotion
65 500 plus
Offline Print Media
35 500 plus
Total Exposure over 100 000 plus
*Budget to be determined once participating businesses have registered their participation level.