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2009 Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores Township 40 years Celebrations (1969 – 2009)

Our Heritage:
The original inhabitants of the Brunswick Valley were Aboriginal people from the Minjangbal Tribe. The Minjangbal people lived in the New Brighton and Ocean Shores areas where seafood and an abundance of wildlife provided a constant food supply. The Durrungbil people, who were part of the Minjanbal Tribe, lived at Brunswick Heads. These people were strong and healthy due to the plentiful food supply. They became known to the cedar-getters and continued to live in the area for many years after European settlement began.

Our Township:
Ocean Shores has grown significantly over the years to become the largest town in the Brunswick Valley.
Situated four kilometres north of Brunswick Heads, Ocean Shores has beautiful ocean and coastline views from elevated residential blocks.

The 40 year celebration event held at the Ocean Shores Country Club on November 22, 2009 provided an opportunity for the presenters to take the attendees back in time to see how the township has evolved over the years since it began on the 29 March, 1969.
A collection of photos showing the development of the Ocean Shores Estate were provided by Frank Mills, Judy Anning, Jan Mangleson, Dot Andrews & Reg Burns. These photos are now part of the next presentation to be developed in the lead up to the 50 year celebrations.

The Community-based History Project:
This project will allow the wider community to take a ‘walk back in time’ to view the past in order to help shape a positive future for residents and visitors to the township.
Please view the photo galley from the special 40 year event. Feel free to access the online links to the Greater Ocean Shores Online Historical Trail.

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Greater Ocean Shores Online Historical Trail
(Photos supplied by Susan Devine, Frank Mills, Jan Mangleson, Judy Anning, Veronica O’Dwyer, Reg Burns, Mark Russell & Billinudgel Hotel)
Snapshot Gallery (All photos)
The Timeline of Events
Billinudgel Village (circa 1881)
The Early Days (circa 1900)
New Brighton Village (from 1960)
The Ocean Shores Development (late 1960′s)
The  Oceans Shores Estate (throughout the 1970′s)
The Ocean Shores Country Club & Course was constructed (1972)
The Ocean Shores Shopping Centre was opened (1983)
Ocean Shores North – Stage 2
Future Plans (Celebrating 50 years)

TodayOcean Shores Township

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